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WOTW – Sgt. Joseph Hazamy

We at TTW are proud to launch Warrior of the Week, a way to

recognize those who served! With our first Veteran Sgt Joseph


TTW wants to Thank his Son and Daughter for providing Journal entries, Awards, and Medals, so that we can pass to others, what it means to be a veteran, and give your life for your country’s safety.

Sgt Joseph served in Vietnam 1967, 68, and 69. For those three years he was in daily “fire fights”, and constantly flown in on what they called “Eagle Flights” to hot zones with orders to “search and destroy”. They were trained to unconsciously kill. Sgt Joseph regularly talks of times you can really believe to be “Hell on Earth”. He remembers times catching himself eating his MREs on top body count, being in fire fights for days to a point were wetting their mouths with urine was not unheard of to just get the sensation of drinking.

He remembers being so overrun him and his guys would have to bury themselves under mud to avoid the burn of Napalm, only to come up covered in leeches. Our guys were so psychologically messed up they would sometimes pretend those leeches were the enemy and burn them laughing, but not laughing. “The toughest of guys would go crazy” Joseph states, then he’d wonder “why do I live” …

Sgt Joseph Hazamy earned his CIB his first day in the field, He went on to earn both the purple Heart for injury and Bronze star because Joseph Manned a machine gun Keeping the enemy at bay while unloading 19 casualties off a Gun boat, He said these types of things were a daily occurrence for three years almost. Sgt Joseph We are proud to call you the FIRST Warrior of the Week, and although Agent Orange finally won that battle you are a TRUE American Hero, we thank you for your Service.

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