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WOTW – Ryan DeBerry

This week, The Transitioning Warrior is honoring Corporal Ryan DeBerry for his time in service.  

Ryan DeBerry joined the Marine Corps in January 2008, right after he graduated high school in South Florida. He made his way through Boot Camp at Paris Island, then went on to Ft Leonard Wood for Motor Transportation Operations schooling. 

Ryan was deployed on two tours during his 5 year enlistment; 13 months in Afghanistan and 8 months in Libya. Corporal Ryan put his life on the line time and time again, whether it was heading a mine sweeping force in Afghanistan or motor transportation for fellow brothers in arms. 

Ryan was also part of a raid at a bazaar. The purpose of the raid was to disrupt freedom of movement with the bazaar and to exploit the enemy force logistic base.  This seizure means we invaded Taliban territory, discovered their caches, disrupted their log operations and squeezed them out of the area.

The Taliban used the “bazaar” (open-air market) to store mass quantities of drugs, homemade explosives and precursor weaponry. Taliban insurgents also tax shop owners as a further means to make cash. Agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency flew in shortly after the Marines and ANA began clearing more than 300 structures in the bazaar. They seized approximately 270,000 pounds of poppy seeds, 33 bags of opium, 13 bags of hash, nearly 50 barrels of precursory explosive materials, bolt-action rifles and more than 20 improvised explosive devices. They also discovered 130,000 pounds of fertilizer that could be used for explosives.

Ryan’s career, talents and certifications didn’t end there! He is a true American hero with specializations as a machine gun instructor. He also has a black belt in Marine corps MMA. Corporal Ryan is a certified Combat Hunter, a Rifle Sharp Shooter, a platoon leader for combat logistics, among many other talents, certifications, and diplomas. 

While in, Ryan earned a Combat Action Ribbon, Nato Medal-ISAF, NDSM, an Afganistan Campaign Medal with one Bronze star and a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal among others. 

Ryan, we thank you for your service and we sleep better at night knowing when it comes time to act, America is full of men and women like you. We are proud to call you The Transitioning Warrior’s 2nd Warrior of the Week!

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